UOI’s EDFAs are uncooled, small form factor optical fiber amplifier modules that consist of integrated devices, erbium doped fiber and electronic control circuits. They can be employed as booster amplifiers to provide power at the transmitters and optical power compensating site or as pre-amplifiers to amplify weak signals just before they enter the optical receiver.

MSA compliant EDFAs are also available. These devices conform to the MSA (multi-source agreement) for compact EDFAs. This agreement among leading optical component manufacturers provides a multiple vendor source for a standardized EDFAs with a common form factor and adjustable functionality.


  • compact package
  • low cost
  • low power dissipation
  • high small signal gain (pre-amp)
  • low noise figure (pre-amp)
  • moderate saturated output power for the (booster)



  • Long haul metropolitan and access networks
  • Optical add/drop module
  • Power equalization and pre-emphasis
  • Digital CATV

Download Datasheets in PDF Below:
C-band Wideband Gain Flattened 18 dBm AGC EDFA

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UOI’s Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (CWDM) module is designed for low-cost multi-wavelength networks applications. With a pass-band of 13 nm and channel spacing of 20 nm

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